Art Lessons on How to Draw Animals

Animal drawings from the Stone Age are the first recorded subject matter in the history of art. Over the centuries the drawing of animals has been developed as a theme in many different genres. They have been depicted for their own natural beauty and magnificence but they have also been used for their symbolic qualities across a wide range of decorative and fine art.

Each of our art lessons on how to draw animals explains and illustrates the step by step techniques involved in drawing or painting a particular creature in a realistic manner.

Animal Drawing Slideshows

Each of our art lessons on drawing animals concludes with an animated slideshow that illustrates the technique used from start to finish.

Animals in Art

Animals in Art

We learn a lot from looking at the work of other artists and the better the artist the more we learn. You can study the very best on our pages about Animals in Art and explore different approaches to drawing animals by some of the greatest masters in the history of art.