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Two Point Perspective


Two Point Perspective (tone drawing)
Two Point Perspective (line drawing)

(swipe the image back and forward to view)

TWO POINT PERSPECTIVE is used in this illustration to draw a box which has now been rotated at an angle to the picture plane.

Two point perspective uses two sets of orthogonal lines and two vanishing points to draw each object.

There are no longer any planes parallel to the picture plane. However the vertical transversal lines are still drawn parallel to one another and at right angles to the ground plane.

In the completed illustration, which you can see when you swipe over the image, the front and back planes of our box have been left unfilled to make the construction more visible.


Distant Vanishing Points

Distant Vanishing Points

It is at this stage that perspective drawing starts to become more awkward because the second vanishing point is often situated well outside the frame of the picture .

If both vanishing points were situated within the picture frame, the angles of objects would appear to be extremely foreshortened.

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'Nighthawks' (1942) by Edward Hopper.

'Nighthawks' (1942) by Edward Hopper.


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