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African Mask Lesson - Designing an African Mask


African Mask Design in two tone paper collage

African Mask Design

  • This step by step lesson will help you to create an African tribal mask as a simple paper collage.
  • Our lesson is presented in easy to follow steps which guide you through the process of creating a mask design like the one above.


What you will learn


African Mask Design - Stylized Mouths

African Mask Design - Stylized Mouths

  • Basic collage techniques.
  • How to simplify and stylize shapes.
  • The expressive power of simple shapes.
  • The balance and interaction of positive and negative shapes.
  • The use of symmetry in design.
  • The effects of color, pattern and texture on your design.


Developing the lesson


African Mask Design  with metallic card

African Mask Design - Metallic Effect

  • You can customize the way that your mask design will look by using different materials.
  • A gold and silver metallic effect is used in the design above and the result changes from an African to a sci-fi vibe.
  • You can adapt the color, pattern and texture of your mask to enhance its expressive power and visual impact.


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A detail from a display of African masks at the 2011 Foire de Paris.

A detail from a display of African masks at the 2011 Foire de Paris.
Photo: © Thesupermat