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Graphic Design Lessons - Composition Techniques 2


The 3 Cs of Graphic Design: (Components + Composition = Concept)


Graphic Design Composition Techniques 2

In these lessons we use the 3 Cs of Graphic Design to generate some graphic ideas. Each of our lessons starts with a font symbol (component) which is explored through an assortment of techniques (composition) to form a graphic idea (concept). In this lesson a font symbol of a smiley face serves as our component.

Deconstruct and Rebuild an Image


Deconstruct and Rebuild an Image

Try breaking up an image into its basic parts and then reorganize its shapes into a new design. Picasso and Braque were the first artists to use this technique in a style of art called Cubism. Designers often pinch good ideas from the fine arts.


Develop a Playful Imagination


Develop a Playful Imagination

Here the image is reconstructed as a nursery jigsaw. A playful imagination is a must when exploring ideas.

Switch from Positive to Negative


Positive to Negative

Try changing the image to generate an idea..... a switch from positive to negative provides a spark of inspiration.


One idea often leads to another......


Customer Services

Our sad and happy faces outline the objective of every Customer Services Department - to turn angry frowns into sunny smiles.


......and then to another.

Emotional Traffic Lights

A set of traffic lights that reflect the driver's emotions.

Graphic Design Components

The font symbols below were chosen for their simplicity as components. Click on each symbol to explore a range of composition techniques that you can adapt to create your own ideas.


Graphic Design Lesson Resources


Graphic Design Lesson Resources

Download our free Resource Sheets

Once you have studied our composition techniques you can find more symbols in our free Resource Sheets that you may download, print and use to develop your own ideas.