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High Renaissance and Mannerism Slide show

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This slide show illustrates artworks by some of the major artists associated with the High Renaissance and Mannerism.


List of Artworks
(in order of appearance)


The High Renaissance (c.1480-1520)

  1. Leonardo da Vinci, Lady with an Ermine (1489-90)
  2. Leonardo da Vinci, Study for The Last Supper (1495)
  3. Leonardo da Vinci, Anatomical Studies (1510-11)
  4. Michelangelo, Pietà (1499)
  5. Michelangelo, The Doni Tondo (c.1506)
  6. Michelangelo, The Damned Soul (c.1525)
  7. Raphael, Madonna dell Granduca (1505)
  8. Raphael, The Transfiguration (1516-1520)
  9. Titian, Portrait of Ludovico Ariosto (1512)
  10. Titian, A Young Englishman (1545)
  11. Giorgione, Double Portrait (1502)
  12. Giorgione, The Tempest (1508)


Mannerism (c.1520-1580)

  1. Jacopo Tintoretto, Detail from The Crucifixion (1565)
  2. Jacopo Tintoretto, Christ at the Sea of Galilee (1575-80)
  3. Bronzino, Lucrezia Panciatichi (1540)
  4. Bronzino, Eleonora of Toledo and her Son (1545)
  5. Parmigianino, Conversion of St, Paul (1527-28)
  6. Parmigianino, Pallas Athene (1539)
  7. El Greco, Baptism of Christ (1608-14)
  8. El Greco, The Opening of the Fifth Seal of the Apocalypse (1608-14)

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'The Holy Family' (Doni Tondo) (1560) by Michelangelo.

'The Holy Family' (Doni Tondo) (1560) by Michelangelo.