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African Masks - Lulua


Lulua Mask

Lulua Mask

The Lulua were famous for decorating their bodies with intricate scarification marks and tattoos. They also applied these designs to their sculptures and masks.

The masks, which are rare, are usually incised with geometric pattern and colored with a reddish pigment. The pointed forms on the top of the head represent the Lulua hairstyle.

The Lulua, previously called the Bena Lulua, are related to the Lwalwa and like them, the men hunt and the women farm.

Lulua Tribal Territory


Lulua Territory Map

Lulua Territory Map

The name Lulua was given to the various peoples who live around the Lulua River in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by the German explorers Hermann Von Wissmann and Paul Pogge in 1881.

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A Banyangi mask from the Cameroon grasslands.

Banyangi mask from the Cameroon grasslands.
Photo © Ji-Elle