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Graphic Design Lessons - Composition Techniques


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Our composition techniques teach you to create ideas with layers of meaning.

  • A good graphic design has layers of visual and verbal meaning that communicate an idea.
  • Our composition techniques for graphic design teach you strategies for developing your ideas.
  • The first ideas that you think of are not usually the most original. The reason they are already in your head is because you have seen them before in one form or another.
  • The best ideas are those that you discover by trial and error through composing the elements of your design to create a concept.

Composition Techniques for Generating Ideas in Graphic Design

The font symbols below were chosen as a starting point to demonstrate the process of developing an idea for a graphic design. Click on each symbol to explore a range of composition techniques that you could use to create your own ideas.

Graphic Design Lesson Resources


Graphic Design Lesson Resources

Download our free Resource Sheets

Once you have studied our composition techniques you can find more symbols in our free Resource Sheets that you may download, print and use to develop your own ideas.