Graphic Designers

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Graphic Designer Notes


  • Graphic designers create visual solutions to communicate the concept of a product, campaign or event.
  • The work of a graphic designer includes illustration, typography, posters, packaging, corporate identities, advertising campaigns, web design and digital multimedia.
  • Graphic designers usually work to a brief that outlines their client’s aims and objectives for their product or campaign.
  • Graphic designers sometimes work on their own but also need to be able cooperate closely with other members of a design team.
  • Graphic designers need to work quickly and accurately under pressure in order to meet strict deadlines.
  • Graphic designers need to be able to prepare work for print and liaise with the printers to ensure that their material is produced at highest quality.
  • A high level of technical ability in the use of digital media is an essential skill for the modern graphic designer.
  • Graphic designers need an outstanding visual and verbal creativity and must keep up to date with the latest trends in their creative and commercial environment.